Our goal at Copper Cup is to be known as a business that Cultivates Better. We believe this idea of Cultivating Better should play into every aspect of the business. We will strive to Cultivate Better with each product we create, with each experience our customers have, and with the convenient environment that we offer. We also want to cultivate a work environment that is developing and improving each employee. We will strive to create an atmosphere that motivates you to succeed while encouraging you along the way.

We’re welcoming and accommodating. We make sure each person has an experience cultivated to their world. We respect “craft” whether it’s our own with coffees and food, or the artisans we choose to represent our brand. We’re fun and approachable, but not goofy or playful. We’re smart without being pretentious, friendly without being odd in our familiarity, and we treat the world and people around us with warmth.

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